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Retailers and businesses can join the High.St from here and subscribe to our service. On joining the High Street, we will create a link to your web site and provide you with a High.St email address (
The system works by forwarding all email sent to your High.St address to your existing email address. This email forwarding is an additional service, your current email arrangements are unaffected. Nothing could be more natural than linking your email address to a High Street address. A High.St email address is never forgotten and is as simple as posting a letter.

Still need convincing?

--- Features and Benefits of being on the High Street for the: --- Customer / Business
No. 1 for "high st" on yahoo, altavista, lycos and alltheweb (always subject to change). Yes Yes
Unique and memorable High.St name that will make your business stand out from the rest. Yes Yes
Link provided to your own web site (we can make you a page if you haven't got one already). Yes Yes
Never forgotten email address: Shop@Town.High.St. - As simple as posting a letter! Yes Yes
All High.St emails checked for viruses. Some Yes
High Street - Great site for tourists planning their vacation. Yes Some
High St - Great site for locals wanting to check on availability or make an appointment. Yes Yes
High.St - Great site for businesses to gain a strong web presence and show off their wares. Some Yes
Town based, rather than the usual product based site. Yes Some
No contract or tie in for businesses subscribing to the High Street. Some Yes
Direct web link to be added at no cost to existing business subscribers. Yes Yes
Comprehensive site search facility soon to be added. Yes Yes


The cost of joining us on the High Street is just £100 a year or £10.00 per month (plus VAT). There is nothing more to pay. A free trial is available, follow the links to Step 3 to learn how.

If you would like to join the High.St then please follow the 3 simple steps below:

Step 1 Terms and Conditions
Step 2 Forwarding Details
Step 3 Payment Information

Note, we have deliberately only provided a link from Step 1. Step 2 is linked from Step 1 and Step 3 is linked from Step 2.

Not on the High Street? - Don't worry, you can still join us. See the FAQ page for more details.

If you have any more questions about the service, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page first. If you have any other questions, the FAQ page has a link to contact us by email at .